Productivity @ 29 December 2010, “No Comments”

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Time is supposed to be infinite but really, its so hard to manage   Blocks of time seem to dangle tantalizing before you, yet – distractions seem to get in the way.  Whether it’s the lure of facebook or twitter compulsively checking email, it can be hard to just get it all together.

So hopefully not sounding too I’m embarking on my own version of Chris Brogan’s Time Chunking Experiment I’m going to take my production hours (right now I’m committing to 4) and braking it down into more manageable areas.

10 min Setup

10 min Digital Housekeeping

40 Min Reading

40min production

20min email

10min more setup in light of what I’ve probably learned in the emails

1h Production

30 min – Interviews – Unlike Chris, mine will be actually taking interviews rather than being interviewed

20min Commenting

20min Publishing

30 min Email

30Min Prep for the next day

Sounds a bit much right with the 10-minute intervals, but really when I think back to possibly the most productive times in my life it would have to be high school.  The standard schedules, timing and bells made me insanely productive.  I managed to make it to classes on a variety of topics learning and switching my brain off and on to things all over the map while still keeping fit, maintaining friendships (and a secret boyfriend), sitting on community committees, and a part time job.  I was on the go but yet still not too overwhelmed.  Right now I get significantly less done and yet still feel a bit overwhelmed at times.  Maybe high schools have it right.  So I’m going to give it a go.