Hey Isaiah Mustafa! What do you plan on doing with all of your sweet, sweet Old Spice Money?  Why not make a pitch for your dream role.

Better know to most of the world as The Old Spice Guy, Mustafa has been yearning to play the role of Marvel comic book character Luke Cage on the big screen.  The film which has been reported to be in development still has not publically announced a star and he wants it…bad.

So what can a guy with great screen presence, rockhard abs and some cash do but produce his on 40sec trailer showing how awesome you could do the job?


(link via I09)

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While I do applaude  any attempt to make lovely statuettes of female comic characters fully clothed; I find the weird definition of Kotobukiya’s new Barbara Gordon as Batgirl statue disturbing.

What’s happening with her below the belt area?

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So I was playing around with images tonight and thinking of my growing love of the charater Joan Hollaway on MadMen and well; they two sort of merged.  I’ve sized it for desktops and you can download it here if you like.

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Babes In Space - Comedy and Burlesque at The Rivoli

Babes In Space - Comedy and Burlesque at The Rivoli

So tonight was an educational experience.  In short, here’s what I learned:

1. To fully capture the speed and artistry of spinning nipple tassels I need a higher shutter speed.

2. Orion Slave Raffle Ticket Girls are not amused by “Its not easy being green” jokes.

3. Magic Illusions are SO different than Magic Tricks…Illusionists are similarly not amused with being asked “Where do you keep your doves?”